Penny Lane

“Penny Lane” – Magical Mystery Tour

Ladies and Gentlemen… The Beatles!

If you haven’t caught on to the Beatles references littered across my blog, I’m obsessed with the Beatles. I have been since I was about 8 years old. I know every song. I own the entire discography on vinyl and CD. I have books, clothes, playing cards, even a Beatles Monopoly game. I went to a Paul McCartney concert at Fenway Park for the 16th birthday. In 2016 Paul played his first concert in Arkansas, and my upper bowl seats got randomly upgraded to front row seats. Maybe obsessed is an understatement.

Last month I got to visit the city where the band got its start, Liverpool, England. On April 2, I hopped on a 6 hour bus from London to Liverpool. I had pulled an all nighter the night before to turn in a final paper for one of my classes, so I was looking forward to napping the entire drive. I listened to The Beatles all the way there (of course). We arrived in Liverpool around 6 PM, checked into our hostel, and went to explore the city. First we visited the Beatles statue at Pier Head. It was raining but the pics were still super cute. Then we went to the city center to see The Cavern Club. Even though the current club isn’t the original club that the Beatles played in during the early 60s (the original was demolished during construction of an underground rail loop), it was still very cool to see what the club would’ve looked like during that time. There was even a guy playing live covers of Beatles songs! I had to sing along.

The next day, I visited the Beatles Experience, a museum dedicated to the Fab Four. My friend who was traveling with me asked if I learned anything new from the museum, can anyone guess the answer? (I didn’t. I already knew all the facts presented in the museum) We visited Strawberry Fields, the Salvation Army children’s home located near John Lennon’s childhood home, and Penny Lane, the road that inspired the song. The city was full of small Beatle-y sights too, like graffiti and murals inspired by the band.

We also visited several non-Beatle related places, including the Tate Liverpool gallery and the Museum of Liverpool. We walked around some of the stores in the city center late that afternoon. We needed to waste time before our overnight bus back to a London left, so we ended our day by watching Black Panther at the Liverpool Odeon. Our bus back to London left Liverpool at 11:45. My phone died 10 minutes into the journey back, and unfortunately the plug ins on the bus didn’t work, so I enjoyed 6 hours of being unplugged from my technology (enjoyed being used loosely here, I was kinda annoyed at first, but then I realized it was actually not that bad, I felt much more inconvenienced than I really was).

Overall it was an amazing trip! I loved getting to see all of the awesome places related to my favorite band ever! I think the trip just reinforced my obsession over any and everything Beatle related.



This blog is very late. Very, very late. I began writing it less than a week after I visited Liverpool. I then got super busy writing two of my final essays for class and put the blog off. Then my big 10 day, 4 country marathon trip came and I didn’t have time to work on finishing writing this while traveling on that marathon trip. I’ve also been working on packing up my stuff and cleaning out my dorm room, which has also set my blog behind schedule. Now I’m finishing it from my hostel in Rome. But alas it is here, finished. Better late than never! The next few blogs about the previously mentioned marathon trip will be coming as soon as possible! They might be a little shorter because I want to write a separate blog for each country, but they will be coming! Stay tuned!


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